Top Ten – Worst Roads in Liverpool for Cyclists

(Originally published in Inform Magazine, September 2002)

1. Princes Road/Avenue
It’s recommended you be careful around here anyway, but for the cyclist, watch out for those cheerful scallywags firing air rifles at you. It’s only happened to me once, but it wasn’t exactly fun.
2. Penny Lane
Probably in the interests of preserving this famous area in its
non-pristine 60s condition, there are some exceptionally lethal pot-holes and strange concrete platforms .
3. Any Road Going North (Great Homer Street, etc.)
All these roads were resurfaced in recent years, except the cowboys who did the job thought it would be alright to have a small amount of tarmac and a large amount of stones.
4. Wapping, near Albert Dock
Apart from ridiculous amounts of traffic, also has some beautifully lethal sunken grids.
5. Slater Street/Wood Street
Ah, cobbles are such a wonderful boon for the cyclist…


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