Article – Ten Possible Sequels

Ten Films That Could (Emphasise Could) Have Decent Sequels

(Originally published in Inform Magazine, May 2003)

Morgan Freeman comes out of retirement to deal with another serial killer. As he slowly goes mad dealing with it all he begins to think that maybe he himself is the killer.
Alien: Apocalypse
The cloned Ripley joins up with the Autons to fight a war against the intolerant humans, unaware the enemy are about to put a new alien weapon into the fray.
Fight Club II
Edward Norton survives his suicide and quickly grows tired of his ‘normal life’ with Helena Bonham-Carter. But the lengths he goes to to prevent Brad Pitt from re-appearing clash with the mess Pitt left from before.
ET: The Close Encounter
A grown up Elliot misses his childhood friend and spends his time looking for evidence of alien activity. Stumblng into a secret government conspiracy, he is unaware that E.T. has been watching him all along and must now intervene to save his life.
Abbey Road
The follow up to Let It Be features the Beatles struggling to make another album. With John Lennon smacked up and Yoko Ono occupying a bed in the studio, watch as McCartney grows jealous of Harrison’s new songs.
The French Job
30 years on, and Michael Caine’s back with another daft scam, this time to relieve the French of the Mona Lisa. However, he gets caught up in some political shenanigans involving an American diplomat, French farmers and an appeasing British Prime Minister. Guy Ritchie directs.
Scum 2
A grown up Ray Winstone returns to the young offenders’ institute, this time as a guard. Has he matured? Has he fuck. And this time he’s got an even bigger tool.
48 Hour Party People
The story of Tony Wilson’s Factory Two label, which mostly consists of signing a lot of rubbish bands who sell nothing.
The Other Lebowski
Jeff Bridges returns as the Dude, as he and John Goodman have to deal with yet another kidnap plot (this is a Coen Brothers film after all) whilst trying to recruit a new bowling teammate. And they still don’t face off against John Turturro.
Tron: Killer App.
Bruce Boxleitner returns, but in voice only, as this will be an entirely computer generated film that takes the ahead of its time original idea and pushes it up to date in line with modern technology. Oh, they’ve done it.


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