Article – Films of the Year 2004

Nine Coms and One Doc

(Originally published in Inform Magazine, January 2005)

1. A Mighty Wind

Spinal Tap reform the only way they possibly could: as a folk trio. Christopher Guest’s part pastiche/ part homage to American folk music was an accurately cringeworthy exploration of the musical idiom.

2. Big Fish

Tim Burton’s best film in ages assembled Albert Finney telling tall stories to Billy Crudup whilst Ewan McGregor (looking eerily like a young Finney) acted them out. Captivating cinema at its best.

3. Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

Speaking as someone who can’t stand Will Ferrell usually, he was perfect in this eyewateringly spot-on parody of 70s newscasters, complete with all the fashions, hairstyles and male chauvinism you’d expect.

4. Shaun of the Dead

The one British success of the year (that’s right ONE) re-teamed Spaced creators Simon Pegg and director Edgar Wright in this nerdy homage to zombie films, played out as a so-called romantic comedy.

5. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Weirdo writer Charlie Kaufman came up with this painstakingly realised meditation on getting a failed relationship scrubbed from your mind. And it didn’t matter that it starred Jim Carrey.

6. Super Size Me

In a triumphant year for big screen documentaries, this was the silly one everyone could enjoy, as Morgan Spurlock mercilessly satirised fast food by physically demonstrating the effects.

7. The Corporation

The flipside to Super Size Me, which takes us on an insightful and genuinely scary journey to the heart of corporate America and the greed it propagates throughout the world. No wonder no-one likes the G8.

8. The Incredibles

The one Hollywood blockbuster of the year worthy of inclusion and another triumph for Pixar, who handed the reigns to ex-Simpsons scribe Brad Bird to fashion this wonderful parody of superheroes.

9. Bad Santa

Billy Bob Thornton starred in Terry Zwigoff’s dark comedy about a store Santa Behaving Badly. Effortlessly kicking the schmaltz of American Christmases, it made the festive season almost bearable.

10. Napoleon Dynamite

There’s always one low budget film that surprises everyone, and here’s this year’s; a study in entertaining tedium as nerd Jon Heder goes through his cheerfully miserable life not really giving a toss.


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