Tiny Article – Hannibal and Gore

In the absence of Elementary I’ve been catching up with Hannibal, the TV version of Serial Killer thrillathons The Silence of the Lambs, Red Dragon et al.

It’s quite a remarkable series, simply because it’s on one of the US’s three mainstream channels. CBS, ABC and NBC have long dictated how the American viewing public absorb their televison, right back to the 50s. And Hannibal (on NBC) feels like something has shifted. Not necessarily for the better.

As long as these big three networks have existed, it’s been known that you can’t do certain things on them. No swearing. No sex. Maybe some family-friendly violence.

Hannibal features a whole lot of violence. And a lot of gory stuff. In fact some quite repulsive gory stuff, the sort that will make you barf in your cornflakes and make you curse that you’re equipped with eyes. But swearing and sex? Nope.

Which makes me wonder about the American mentality. Over here we swear and have sex on TV quite regularly, provided it’s after the famed watershed. We trust our adults to know what’s what

In the US late night talk shows like the Daily Show regularly bleep out even the mildest swear words, even though it’s well gone eleven.

Who’s the more well-adjusted culture to do you think? Ah, let’s have another naked woman impaled on a stag’s antlers.


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