I’ve got a few projects going at the moment. Here’s what they are:

I’ve recently finished an amibitious and foolhardy project to do a topical(ish) cartoon a day for a whole year. To duplicate working for a newspaper, I gave myself Sundays off. This runs under the Topical Cartoons header from December 1st 2010 to November 30th 2011. As you can see, bar I think two occasions, I fulfilled this exhaustive brief.

I also tried to a sport cartoon each Saturday.

Looking back on it now, it’s easy to see where inspiration was lacking, or I just plain didn’t have a clue. However, some stories, such as the hacking saga, or the riots, or the Arab Spring proved productive. Although even I got fed up with the long running Super-Injunction affair, which produced some good stuff and some bad.

Other projects. To do a movie poster for each of the Top 100 films on IMDB. To draw as many pop and rock stars as possible. To try and draw a film poster a week for what’s out (this one has stalled a bit). And to draw the odd TV show here and there. I’ve completed all the Beatles albums covers ( found in Illustrations).

Illustrations are on the back burner at the moment, unless I get commissioned. Instead, I’m now writing a TV column every week (mostly because Ienjoy doing them) and also writing a guide to every episode of The Thick Of It, for similar reasons.


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